Our Insignia

Kanoria Foundation, deeply inspired by Vedic philosophy, has drawn its insignia from the philosophy and as depicted through its scriptures. Sanatana Dharma, i.e. Eternal Duty, suggests that the philosophy is secular in its thinking, elucidating that human beings need to follow the principles of Dharma (Duty) and Karma (Work) to make their lives fruitful. Kanoria Foundation is committed to the above two principles and has adopted its insignia to reflect the philosophy encapsulated in Samudramanthan.
The story of the Samudramanthan from the Vedic scriptures depicts the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean, signifying the churning of thoughts. The Samudramanthan was a collaborative effort between Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons), which today can be defined as teamwork, to churn out the jewels from the depths of the ocean. The Devas and Asuras, with the help of Mount Mandara as a churning pole, Vasuki, the serpent king as a rope; and Kurma, the tortoise – avatar of Lord Vishnu as anchor on which the mountain was placed, started through hard work, churning of the ocean in a collaborative fashion. There emanated from the ocean Fourteen Ratnas (Jewels) – Amrit (Nectar); Halahala (Poison); Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth), Dhanvantari (God of Health), Jyestha (Goddess of Poverty), Chandra (Moon); Airavata (White Elephants); Kamadhenu (Wish-granting Divine Cow); Uchhaishravas (Seven-headed Horse); Parijat (Divine Tree with neverfading Blossoms); Sankha (Victory Conch of Lord), Rambha (Apsara); Varuni (Goddess of Wine), and Kaustubha (Most Valuable Jewel worn by Lord Vishnu). “Therefore, the philosophy behind this insignia adopted by Kanoria Foundation is to convey the message that through dedication, devotion and constant churning of ideas, coupled with hard work, one can create the many Ratnas (Jewels), which would be useful for all stakeholders, society, the nation and the world.”