Our Ethos

Kanoria Foundation is a trust entity founded by the Kanoria family, headquartered in Kolkata, India. The Kanoria family has been in business for over two centuries, performing their karma (work with devotion) imbued with spirituality and creating institutions which would last for centuries serving humanity. It’s ethos is captured in its tagline ‘Work with Devotion’. It reflects the constant churning of ideas and hard work, which are essential to succeed and the passion necessary to implement them with a focus on results.
Foundation is dedicated towards society’s development by creating enterprises with long term and sustainable objectives. Its operational philosophy is based on a strong foundation of morals, values and culture.
The Kanoria Foundation promotes the following causes: education for underprivileged children, skill development, moral value teachings, non-violence against women, spirituality and environmental awareness.

About Suryodaya

Suryodaya promotes the health and over-all well-being of the children coming to the school through various initiatives such as a healthy and nutritious meal at lunch-time; health checks and referrals for treatment as required.


ASWWF works towards the development and welfare of women. It acts as a forum for advocacy of acid related cases and promotes a social environment conducive to elimination of gender violence.

World Confluence

This programme is the first of its kind in the world with a conglomeration of important issues on humanity, power (inner & outer) and spirituality. Several distinguished luminaries whose hearts echo the humanity from different communities and religions across the world, shared their views that every religion propagates service to humanity, and that moral and social principles have its own paths leading to one cosmic reality.