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Kanoria FoundationKanoria FoundationKanoria Foundation

Our Ethos

Kanoria Foundation is a trust entity founded by the Kanoria family, headquartered in Kolkata, India. The Kanoria family has been in business for over two centuries, performing their karma (work with devotion) imbued with spirituality and creating institutions which would last for centuries serving humanity. It’s ethos is captured in its tagline ‘Work with Devotion’. It reflects the constant churning of ideas and hard work, which are essential to succeed and the passion necessary to implement them with a focus on results. True to its legacy, Kanoria Foundation is dedicated towards society’s development by creating enterprises with long term and sustainable objectives. Its operational philosophy is based on a strong foundation of morals, values and culture.

The Kanoria Foundation promotes the following causes: education for underprivileged children, skill development, moral value teachings, non-violence against women, spirituality and environmental awareness.

Our social initiatives, while addressing a range of societal concerns, focus on delivering equal and quality access to basic health and education needs to as many people as we can reach. This is not limited to our foundation’s charitable work, as a family of social entrepreneurs and being in the business of ‘connectivity’ it is our bread-and-butter to be connecting every Indian to equal and improved public services, especially services in health and learning.


To work selflessly and with devotion for the welfare of humanity by impacting the body, mind and soul.