Shristi is one of India’s largest infrastructure development companies specializing in building townships, premium residentials, development of hotels, hospitals, mixed use developments, shopping malls, logistics hubs, economic & industrial parks & more.
Since its inception in 1999 Shristi is now a Pan India company that draws inspiration for engineering marbles causing the standard of Indian infrastructure, & paving a way for economic prosperity & a good life for all.


Vara Technology is the front runner in world class infratech to deliver maximum business value to organizations & the government. Vara offers specialized solutions in areas such as blockchain, cyber security, tolling platforms & logistics, 3D printing, IOT & data science. For over a decade Vara has been helping businesses adopt new technologies to stay ahead of change. Our rigorous attempts to build platforms which are futuristic and need based are backed by our research, design thinking-driven approach and unmatched solutions in technology and operations.


Sahaj boasts one of rural India’s largest distribution networks, spanning 2,61,000 phygital retail outlets. Offering a range of products and services, Sahaj facilitates distribution across various sectors. Its services encompass E-Governance, Banking Services, E-Learning, Tours & Travels, and Insurance, catering to diverse needs. With its extensive reach, Sahaj bridges the gap between rural communities and essential services, enhancing accessibility and convenience. As a vital link in rural distribution, Sahaj plays a pivotal role in empowering rural India and fostering socio-economic development.

India Power

India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL) stands as a premier power utility in India, established in 1919. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, it operates nationwide, serving diverse communities. IPCL is committed to promoting renewable energy sources, envisioning a world with pollution-free air and carbon-free environments. Embracing cutting-edge digital technologies, IPCL focuses on power distribution, smart grid solutions, and wind & solar power generation. With a dedication to innovation and sustainability, IPCL strives to shape a cleaner and more energy-efficient future for all.


iQuippo Services Limited stands as India’s foremost digital marketplace, specializing in construction equipment, machinery, commercial vehicles, and related services. As the country’s pioneer in this domain, iQuippo facilitates seamless interactions between buyers and sellers, enabling efficient, transparent, and cost-effective transactions. Through its innovative marketplace platform, iQuippo empowers users to engage, negotiate, and finalize deals promptly. With a commitment to convenience and transparency, iQuippo revolutionizes the procurement process in the construction and machinery sector. Embracing digital solutions, iQuippo drives efficiency and reliability in the industry, setting new standards for trade.

Adisri Strategic

Adisri Strategic Advisors brings together a cadre of seasoned professionals from around the world, offering extensive expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing, and implementing ideas. Specializing in Infrastructure Development & Financing, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Fund Mobilization, Digital Technology & Data, and Global Investment Strategy, Adisri provides comprehensive advisory services. Their proficiency spans areas like Mergers & Acquisitions, Risk Identification & Management, and Organizational & People Strategy, ensuring holistic support for client needs. Through strategic insights and tailored solutions, Adisri Strategic Advisors drives success for businesses worldwide.

Business Economics

Business Economics offers a curated collection of top-notch resources in Business, Economics, and Finance, encompassing news, blogs, research, data, and educational materials. With a mission to inform and educate, we provide comprehensive coverage of the global economy and financial landscape. Whether you seek breaking news, insightful analysis, or educational content, our selection caters to diverse interests and needs. Stay informed and empowered with our wide-ranging array of resources, designed to deepen your understanding and insight into the dynamic world of finance and economics. Explore, learn, and stay ahead with our curated links to the latest developments in the field.

Vedic Collection

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