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India Power Corporation Ltd. (formerly known as DPSC Ltd.) India Power Corporation Ltd. (formerly known as DPSC Ltd.) is one of the oldest integrated power utilities in the country, founded in the year 1919 as a part of Andrew Yule and Co. Founded by the British conglomerate with an objective to supply electricity to all the coal mines in the Asansol-Raniganj Belt of West Bengal, gradually the company distributed electricity to the industries and commercial establishments as well. It continued to be a public undertaking until 2010, before it was taken over by India Power Corporation Ltd., a private sector company. The two companies were merged and rechristened as India Power Corporation Ltd. in August 2013. The company has actively forayed into a diversified portfolio, with renewable and conventional modes of power generation, distribution & power trading as well as in Fuel Supply, Logistics and Power Plant Services.

IPCL Power Distribution operation as Licensee in Asansol-Raniganj area is running at a T&D Loss of around 3% which is considered the lowest in the country as compared to National average of 20%. It has been transforming since to become country’s first Smart Utility after adoption of Smart Grid Technology, Smart Metering & 24x7 Online DT Monitoring through IoT Services.

1312 MW of Thermal Portfolio is spread across West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh and more than 80 MW of Renewable Energy in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and Uttarakhand.

A Joint Venture with Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH, India Uniper Power Services Private Limited was incorporated in 2016, primarily to foray into Asset Management Services for power generating assets. It is designed to serve both new-built plants and those under operation, whether operated by thermal, gas or renewable power. India Power will be completing its centenarian year this year, placing it among the upper-echelon of Indian companies in the power sector.




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