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“You can gauge a country’s wealth, its real wealth, by its tree count” – R. St. Barbe Baker

The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally. To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. Kanoria Foundation draws inspiration from the above words and engages in tree planting activities as an effective direct contribution toward reducing carbon emissions from business operations and sending a strong visible signal in support of the planet. Our tree planningprogramme, driven by India Power, covered the sides of the road connecting NH-2 highway and Neamatpur, with an expenditure of more than Rs 2 lac on this endeavor . The impact has been stupendous creating a fresh and pollution free surrounding for the trespassers filling the atmosphere with fresh air. Proactively supporting and undertaking green initiatives have become good governance practice for our group. We have always intended to do business without eroding the environment and thus we have installed water recycling plants at power stations for waste water management. This process has continuously helped us in managing the disposed waste efficiently.

“Our Telecom tower business ” – Viom Networks

Our Telecom tower business – Viom has been inculcating a sense of responsibility in its employees by innovating and practicing ways to reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity and encourage optimum utilization of the resources within as well as outside the office premises. It has initiated distribution of paper carriers to reduce usage of plastic bags, given options to the employees to make a difference in their surroundings as an individual by providing them with seeds to plant trees. Besides these it has also extended its interests towards building a healthy environment. ‘THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY’ was observed in many of its circles pan India. We had undertaken a massive TREE PLANTATION DRIVE in Tamil Nadu and Haryana. In Tamil Nadu: Tree Saplings were arranged from the Forest Department and distributed to all the Clusters across the Sites in Tamil Nadu. Over 700 saplings were planted across all the districts at the sites. While In Haryana, 250 trees were planted at Govt. School & Warehouse at Ambala with the help of Drive India. The new Initiative-Project team handed over the site to O&M with planting of 2 trees. Similar initiatives were facilitated in Kolkata and Orissa.

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