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Kanoria Foundation’s operational philosophy is based on a strong foundation of morals, values and culture. There is a strong focus on creating value addition to society.

Concurrent with business activities are several social initiatives and CSR activities. We support the education of students from Nursery to high school, and promote causes like sustainable environments, moral values teachings, non-violence against women, spirituality and health, and skill development. Together, our businesses and CSR activities create socio-economic value, build communities, and establish sustainable livelihoods, with a focus on pan-India grassroots development, healthcare, empowering traditionally disadvantaged local communities and geographies, and building infrastructure.

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Hemant Kanoria, Trustee

"We, at Srei, have always believed that piecemeal and ad-hoc philanthropic measures can be only a palliative to the problem, not a cure. Thus, we perceive CSR as a strategic social investment aimed at uplifting the society at large, empowering individuals, making them self-reliant and fuelling the spirit of entrepreneurship which sets in motion a virtuous cycle."

Sunil Kanoria, Trustee

"Companies need to embrace CSR as a way of doing business rather than looking at it as a compulsory exercise whereby a certain sum is allocated to benefit a few chosen entities. We must realize that the society must grow in terms of standards of living and aspiration levels, only that will expand the market pie for which companies compete in order to expand their own top lines and bottom-lines. Not just out of sensitivity, CSR needs to be pursued by every company for its own long-term self-interest."

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