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Kanoria Foundation is dedicated towards society’s development by creating business enterprises with long-term and sustainable objectives while anchoring its businesses, strategic partnerships, and myriad social and CSR activities. It is primarily engaged in the business of Infrastructure Financial Services; Infrastructure Development such as Roads, Ports, Power, Rural Infrastructure, Housing, Hospitality and Healthcare. Our businesses create socio-economic value, build communities, establishes sustainable livelihoods with a focus on pan-India grassroots development, healthcare, empowering disadvantaged local communities, geographies, and building infrastructure.
Financial Services   Equipment Services   Power
With over 30 years of experience in Financial Services across various infrastructure sectors we have empowered more than 100,000 entrepreneurs across India.  We offer a spectrum of services in the infrastructure space: Infrastructure Project Finance, Advisory Services, Equipment Finance, Alternative Investment Funds, Capital Market and Insurance Broking with an active presence with 99 offices across India, Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Singapore and Russia.   Our Equipment Services division is one of the largest construction equipment rental company in the country which also provides eco-friendly gas based solutions in India and Nigeria. It services high growth verticals of Construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, Earth-moving and various other commercial assets.   Our Power vertical is customer focused end-to-end energy solutions provider with distinct presence in thermal and renewables segment. We hold one of the oldest distribution licences in the country with expertise in efficiently managing distribution systems in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu with best in class T&D loss reduction. We have brought eminent international partnerships in the utility segment where we jointly offer wide range of operational efficiencies and value added services to power institutions across India.
Rural Digital Commerce   Information Technology   Housing & Hospitality
Our digital network connects over 400 million rural people with more than 75000 Common Service Centers spread across 23 states and two union territories. This unique rural infrastructure directly empowers over 40 per cent of rural Indians through its Government-to-Customer and Business-to-Customer services with robust skilled development programs thereby leading Rural Indians to a smarter future.   The primary goal of our IT vertical is to harness the power of emerging technologies to accelerate digital transformation. This enables our various Banking, Financial Services and Infrastructure customers to shoulder cutting-edge solutions like BlockChain, IOT, RFID solutions, Cyber security and Business Analytics.   Our Housing & Hospitality business is focused to create new age residential & commercial spaces by combining technological innovations with a sustainable living environment. To deliver this social infrastructure the construction vertical is engaged in developing green cities, hotels, urban townships, malls, hospitals, convention centres and industrial parks
Healthcare   Water & Waste Management   Industrial Park & SEZ’s
Our presence in the healthcare sector is committed to providing a spectrum of Clinical Programs with the state-of-the-art hospital-city in Navi Mumbai. This Center of Excellence healthcare vertical aims to bring 400 bed ‘super-specialty’ services under one roof.   Our Water & Waste Management vertical has emerged as a world class service provider by collaborating with international technology leaders from across the globe to offer cutting-edge water and waste management solutions to both, public and private sectors.   Our Industrial parks and SEZ’s extend to majors geographies across India, namely Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The focus is to provide a plug n play model for industries to set up units with state of the art facilities and market connectivity.
Agriculture & Food
Our Agro vertical is an innovation driven Integrated Food and Agribusiness company focused towards developing a string eco-system for modern Farming, Food Production, Cold chain and Organic Cultivation in the fertile belt of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.



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